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[3D Printing] Creatix3D & 3DXpertise win a record order in aeronautics with 3DSystems Technology

Montigny-le-Bretonneux, December 30th 2015. Creatix3D, additive manufacturing, 3D printing and PLM software dedicated to ALM, Value Added Reseller, received a firm order for 6 Titanium metal printers for the aeronautical industry with an option for 15 more to be delivered in 2016 and 2017 for a total minimum amount of $12 millions. The printers, 100% manufactured and assembled in France, at the 3DSystems site in Rioms, belong to the industrial grade PROX family (ProX100, ProX300, ProX320 and ProX400). The complete integration (scenarios, training, consulting, aeronautical production process conformity, specific material validation, quality control…) will be provided by the engineering company 3DXpertise. This order is the first one for 3D printers dedicated to specifically manufacture Titanium series parts for large and official aeronautical programs. Prismadd, a subsidiary of the ACE Aeronautique group has been chosen by the ordering parties to manufacture these first parts in the series.

This deal is a clear sign of the beginning of a new era for 3D printing, moving it from the prototype to the series production world. Machine characteristics are evolving to match new needs: productivity, use of non-proprietary materials, strict production process monitoring and quality controls… The engineer job is also becoming more demanding. 3DXpertise, an ALM specialised engineering and service company, will set up a “project platform”, for engineers with specialist training in CAD-CAM for ALM, management tools for adapted production, or “on-site” management for spared parts. “3D printing implementation into industries as demanding as aeronautics has required us to invest a huge amount of time, energy and means over the past 2 years. The combination of theoretical results on topological optimisation with manufacturing requirements, is an example of a real challenge in the process of gaining optimal productivity today”, explains Mehdi Camus, Creatix3D CEO.

3Dsystems’ solutions has been chosen for this project for several reasons:
  • Patented technology which enables the production of an excellent surface quality, limiting post-printing machining, and therefore the overall cost of the produced parts.
  • Patented technology which enables the production of parts exhibiting excellent porosity and therefore mechanical characteristics that exceed the market standard.
  • Reliability in a manufacturing context.
  • Ability to use numerous materials, including composites, thanks to the technological openness and the powder depositing process which is also patented.
  • The proximity of the manufacturing and Rioms R&D sites to the ordering parties.
Of course, the effective adaptation of the control tools, the design step and manufacturing management is crucial in such project. The use of new 3D printing tools from Dassault Systèmes, has for instance allowed for the digital testing of a number of scenarios with alterations to the Materials – Topology – lacing scenario. “Mastering the CAD-CAM digital chain for ALM will be the factor that makes the difference for industries wishing to offer cheaper, more sustainable parts to the final customer”, adds Sébastien Vercruysse AvenAo Industries CEO, parent company of Creatix3D.
For sure this first order paves the way to very significant opportunities, for the entire aeronautical ecosystem (ordering parties, sub-contractors, designers) which Creatix3D and 3DXpertise have every intention of embracing, particularly through participation in “Future Factory”. The two companies are also hiring new engineers at a rate of 2 per month.


CREATIX3D is a specialist consultant for the integration of 3D printing solutions in professional and industrial sectors. Made up of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers (design, materials, production, quality) Creatix3D is the biggest Partner of 3DSystems in Europe, a Dassault Systèmes and Materialise Value Added Reseller. 10 offices in France, 1 office in Belgium.

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